Valuation Services in Thailand

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Valuation services in Thailand

Knowing one’s true worth is at the heart of our existence, and the same can be said about our business. Knowing the true value of our company gives us a true measure of not just our success but also where our company stands with others in the same industry. That is why valuation services are just as important as having a strong accounting team behind you. 


Why valuation is important

Knowing the true value of your company also gives your potential investors a clear picture of what your business is able to offer them. This will, then, give investors the confidence to pursue a long-term investment relationship with you and your company. Furthermore, knowing the true value of your company can be an asset when it comes to making important strategic decisions that will have long-term effects on your business. 


Reasons for doing a valuation

Valuations are done not always only for the benefit of potential investors. They can be executed when a partner decides to exit the company or when selling off assets or parts of the company or for inheritance purposes. 

The true valuation of your company can be determined by first valuing all the assets held by the company and then minus the liabilities. Though some nuances are involved, this is the basic method of all valuations being derived. 



Simply put, valuation is knowing the true worth of your company because it provides your potential investors or buyers with a clear picture of the health, profitability and long-term survivability of your business. This is of particular importance, especially during Mergers and Acquisitions. 

For more detailed information on valuation or other financial advisory services, Mazars has the local knowledge and experience to assist you in your business.